$749.00 $1,099.00 saving $350.00


$749.00 $1,099.00 saving $350.00

40% Discount - Just a few units available at this price. 

Designed in Italy for a dynamic performance without compromise. Foldable, and with a sturdy frame; that’s why Linky is unique.

Constructed with Carbon fiber and 100% bamboo for a sleek, responsive ride. Advanced polymers, carefully shaped by our engineers, allow lightness and flexibility while cruising over bumpy roads.

Linky isn’t just about power; it’s about choice, giving riders a fuller experience. Ready for an adrenaline rush? just hit the sport mode and have fun. Want to relax? Cruise mode is perfect for enjoying yourself while surfing on the road. For the tireless city explorers, we even made an eco mode to save on battery life, so you will soon forget the last time you charged your linky.

 In the box you will find:

  • 1 pc of Linky with red wheels
  • 2pcs of red wheels [replacement parts]
  • 1pc of belt [replacement part]
  • 1pc of standard charger
  • 1pc of remote controller
  • 1 pc of tooling for maintenance (screwdriver etc)
  • 1-year warranty 

Every Linky has been carefully tested by one of our team members before shipping to you. We are not producing big quantities and this gives us the time and the opportunity to take care of every single unit as in an artisanal process.

Enjoy your ride!!

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Dozens of 5-star reviews and counting

  • Gustavo Borges Moreno e Mello

    Well spring is almost upon us. I finally got my Linky in the beginning of the winter and did not have opportunity to use until yesterday. So here is what I have to say: WELL DONE! This is an amazing product! If you actually work on your customer service you really have potential. After the firmware update, it works like a charm. It is impressively powerful (climbing with a 96 Kg guy) and very smooth to ride. I would propose some improvements as soon. For now, Thank you and good work!

    Oslo, Norway

    Alessandro Premoli

    I’ve been using Linky for my Home<→Work journey every day since a couple of weeks and I almost agree with Electrek review. I cannot compare it with other boards because this is my first one, but I really enjoy the ride, 25 km/h are much more than needed by me.

    Milano, Italy

    Stuart Ho

    I will be using Linky Electric Skateboard as a mode of commuting to/from home, to the bus stop, then to work. As I live 2 miles away from the bus stop, this will be a great solution. Yes I can ride my bicycle, but the bus rack only have room for 2 bicycles. What happens if its full?? You don’t get on, and can be late for work. Linky folding skateboard is the solution for me as a commuter’s transportation.

    Garden Grove, CA, USA
  • Micah Toll

    Linky has definitely become my go to electric longboard. It’s just so convenient that I have almost stopped using my other three electric skateboards completely. My electric scooter and three electric bicycles have also been getting neglected because now I usually hop on the Linky for the majority of my errands around town.

    Miami, Florida, USA

    Reese Kong

    After riding it for sometime today I can said that this board is fast! Beginner rider should start in safe mode and definitely need a helmet. Even in Eco mode(Green light) this thing is fast and you can fall if you’re not careful. Sport mode is insanely fast and wobble quite a lot so make sure u tighten the truck to avoid becoming superman:) The brake are strong but it will not throw you off so don’t worry.


    Fabian Gruss

    I could ride Linky for the first time yesterday and it’s really awesome! But takes some practice, especially for the brake! I have no problems connecting the remote via micro USB for charging.

    Leuven, Belgium
  • Marti Clay

    I did that at the weekend beacause car had a fault so I went on Linky and the Journey was same as the car - Linky Win :D

    London, UK

    Abe B

    I received a package in the mail. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited. Thank you Linky. For everything. This folding electric longboard is a dream of mine and it’s finally come true. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for sticking through this. And thank you guys in the comments for not losing faith in this incredible little board. I’ve been waiting for this day for two years, and it’s finally come. This is where the fun begins.

    Palo Alto, CA, USA

    Jaber Al Suwaidi

    I would like to share my experiences with Linky board… it's an amazing board and as soon as you ride it … you will never get enough from riding it … especially that I own anoter 2 electric longboards but Linky is exexptional … thanks Linky Team for such a board. The range is more than enough and the speed is amazing... I'm looking forward from Linky Team to create some new accessories and upgrades for Linky Board. Thanks

    Dubai, UAE
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Technical specifications

  • Light and Sturdy

    The structure is made of high strength polymers from the automotive industry. The deck has a carbon fiber bottom and real bamboo top to maximize the riding experience yet keep Linky light. Rigid enough for sporty cornering abilities but flexible enough for wide curves. 83mm wheels to be ideal for comfortable longboard riding on difficult surfaces. ​

  • The motor

    A brushless permanent magnet that can go up 12% hills. It reaches a top speed of 30 km/h (18.6 mph). The motor is protected by a cover to ensure safety. It’s optimized to be the best compromise between portability, weight and speed.​

  • Never stop the ride

    18 km (12 miles) thanks to its long life lithium battery derived from the automotive industry. It charges to 85% of capacity in just 30 minutes. Remove the battery for transportation or swap it in few minutes for a never ending ride. A USB port allows you to use the board to charge your cell phone.

  • The brain

    4 different riding modes carefully designed and made in Linky for an adrenaline-filled ride or a smooth cruising experience. A Bluetooth 4.0 remote controller allows you to gradually increase your speed, to brake, to set riding mode, switch on and off the led light and check the battery. The Linky app developed for IOS will read, store and allow you to share data from the board.

Our Official Distributors


With the main headquarter in Amsterdam, and several shops around Europe Fat Daddy is a reference in the e-skateboard industry. Go in the shop to try Linky.


Based in Exeter UK, Greenover shares with Linky Innovation the same passion for outdoor activities and for sustainable ways of getting around. Linky is available in their online shop.


A reference of high standard quality products in the Japanese market. If you are hanging out around Osaka give them a call and try a Linky.


The boutique of the electric mobility, Weebot is based in Paris and offer the 2 versions of Linky ready to ship together with the possibility of trying the product in their shops.